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Recipe: Green Smoothie

Do you smoothie? I know this isn’t gonna be a healthy habit post for everyone - but when done right smoothies can be one of the most nutrient dense meals of the day.

Why are they beneficial?

1. You can hide a surprising amount of veggies in each serving

2. It is quite easily absorbed by the body as smoothies are basically broken down foods (the digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard)

3. You can add a ton of boosters that turn a smoothie into a superfood How do I smoothie?

I always start with a base (water or a nut mylk - preferably coconut milk or cashew they are creamier) then I add my veggies (spinach, beets, celery, cucumber) I BLEND HERE SO THE VEG GETS NICE AND BROKEN DOWN - very important unless you want to chance getting a mouth full of leaves. I then add the sweetness (I think this is the most important as you need something to make it taste fantastic (as to achieve you consuming the entire smoothie and making it again and again). Here I usually go for fruit (and mostly frozen to get a more smoothie texture). Berries are my go-to but I sometimes use banana, pineapple, mango or peaches! Honey, agave or maple syrup are other sweeteners that you can add as well!

Lastly I’m always switching up the “boosters”. These are important to make this a very nutrient dense meal. I usually choose 3-4 and mix them up depending on what I want to achieve - whether it is more protein, more fibre, or vitamins or minerals !

  • Protein powder, hemp seeds or collagen powder

  • Flax , chia, pumpkin seeds or shredded coconut

  • Spirulina, chlorophyll, chlorella or blue majic

  • Ginger, lemon, turmeric or garlic Maca, baobab, cacao or moringa powder



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