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10,000 Hours

They say you learn a lot about yourself when you have a baby. Though the past few months have been crazy , intense , wonderful and emotional, every day I get the cutest most sweetest smile from Emery - almost to say everything’s gonna be alright. I feel as we get older we make situations and problems more complicated then they have to be when we’re little another child taking our toy to play with without asking is the most traumatizing event we know. Looking back now there are so many issues I’ve made affect me when, at the end of the day, everything was alright. Something always seemed to get in the way of the true picture - I would quite often be spending too many hours thinking negatively or being angry at a person or situation. It was energy wasted. Working on that understanding that (to a certain point ) in the end everything gonna be ok at the end of the day- stress has been A LOT easier to control and I don’t have as many mood swings to balance the stress out.

The worst day can happen and little E still has a smile on his face - stay innocent my little one. I’m gonna make sure that I keep practicing that end of the day smile from now on.



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