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Canadian Honey 🍯

Did you know that there are over 300 unique types of honey available? Their colour varies from glass clear (wow!) to dark brown and taste from mild to bold. This is because there are a variety of different flowers and produce pollen, also the time of year (early spring, mid summer, early fall) can have an affect on the outcome of the honey. So because all of this is determined by what the bees pollinate throughout the season the various types are used for different purposes. For example - the buckwheat honey is comparable to molasses and should not be used for “table use” but is amazing when used in baking; clover honey is fantastic for table use as it has a softer and sweeter taste

I love using honey as a natural sweetener vs cane or agave sugar, however make sure that you do not over use as sugar is still sugar and honey contains mostly fructose which is a sugar that the body can store very easily and cause major health issues when consumed in abundance over time 🐝

8 species of bees are on the endangered list 😔 though the honey bees are doing ok some farmers will take ALL the honey bees make and feed the bees high fructose corn syrup alternative instead 🤬

Support natural honey produced in North America when you can - it’s one of nature’s sweetest treats



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