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How to Snack Right!

✨Snacking ✨ is a topic I talk a lot about. Did you know it is a relatively new concept ? We really only started snacking in the 80s and 90s, because food really became a booming business - and the more products sold the more money large companies make ... which lead to an extra 500+ calorie consumption per day per person! Extra calories accompanied by less calorie burn each day leads to weight gain. And what's crazy is the fact that we started snacking around the same time our activity level really decreased. Did you also know that the most popular snacks are chocolate bars, chips and cheese ? AKA calorie dense foods not nutrient dense. So these snacks are not filling our bodies with the nutrients we need, what I like to call dead calories or energy, which is stored almost always as fat around our liver or other organs. But snacking does not have to be this dangerous - it can be very helpful to many people! You just have to choose wisely most of the time.

My tips on snacking :

✔️ if you are going longer than 3.5 hours without food

✔️ if you choose nutrient dense foods your body is actually craving

✔️ if you have been drinking a good amount of water and are 100% not dehydrated

🚫 if you are bored or emotional

🚫 if you are dehydrated

🚫 if the choices are refined foods

Be smart about your snacking ! Poor choices can lead to: ✨ unnecessary weight gain

✨ sugar cravings ✨ mood swings

✨ sluggishness

✨ low daily energy ..

Healthy choices will: 🌱 Improve energy

🌱 Decrease headaches

🌱 Improve blood sugar levels throughout the day

🌱 Increase sex drive ..

What’s your go to snack?

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