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Protein Powder Usage in Cooking

✨ Nut Butter Protein Bars ✨Sending out a little treat today - who knew protein could taste so good! Protein powder that is. I'm not the biggest fan of using protein powder much, it is not regulated by an organization and therefore can contain other materials or the protein content can be compromised (therefore not contain the amount that the label says). And there is a lot of controversy to which form of protein powder is best - most absorbable. However for those who do enjoy the best way to cook with it is to use it in NO BAKE products. When you heat any type of food many of the proteins can be denatured due to the amount of heat applied. Therefore, when you use protein powder as is you will be getting as much protein as is in the protein powder you select to use!

Did you know that protein is NOT just for muscles but your bones, cartilage and skin too? It is how you can regenerate new cells and fix ones that have been damaged. Protein is part of each and every cell in your body - it is essential to consume at least 75g protein each and every day (you can definitely get that even if you are vegetarian!)

Protein is extremely important for the body; make sure you get 18-40 grams per meal (depending on how many meals you have)

PER SERVING HAS 17g PROTEIN ✔️½ cup Roasted Almond Butter ✔️¾ cup + 3 tbs Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk ✔️1¼ tsp Stevia Extract ✔️1 tbsp maple syrup

✔️1¼ cups Protein Powder (plant based preferred) ✔️¾ cup Oat Flour ✔️¼ tsp Salt ✔️¼ cup + Dark Chocolate Chips Mix all ingredients together until well combined. Place in a parchment paper lined 8x8 pan cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight ☀️ the next day slice into 10 bars and enjoy ! I love adding a few extra chocolate chips on top as you may see...



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