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Happy 2018! 'I want to start this year off with a positive outlook on what I want this year to bring you. Anything you want!

Something that I learned and really took to heart in 2017 was the phrase CHOOSE JOY. It took a few months for me to understand 1. What joy to me was and 2. What does it mean to choose joy. If something in life did not bring me joy I will either change the situation or get rid of it entirely.

For example: one of the first realizations I had with 'joy' was when I went out to a steak house and ordered a steak (obviously). Now I do not eat red meat a lot because of my lifestyle but I was consuming once in a while because it seemed to be always around and available and I just would. However, when I started eating I found that I was experiencing very little joy - not in the night itself but the physical act of eating the steak. It felt tough and gamy and flavourless - my husband ate some of it and said that I was crazy. But from that moment on because there was no joy in eating steak I haven't since. I have been focusing on finding joy in other foods (contributing to my ever growing plant based diet).

Life is supposed to be enjoyable! If you consistently accept negative thoughts from others, do not understand what brings you joy or tell yourself that you can't all the time - you are right.

Choose joy ! Find what makes you happy and focus all your energy on continuing to pursue that happiness. You choose joy and you will have the BEST year 2018 can offer.



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