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The Organic Debate

Organic has unfortunately become a buzz word that so many people have complicated and now do NOT care about in the slightest way. Hormones, pesticides and antibiotics are the reason why organic has become so popular! These chemicals have become a part our food for the past few decades in order to increase the volume of food produced in order to feed our growing population.

So many people ask about organic and if it is worth the money. To me we shouldn't label produce organic because it has such a negative connotation to it. Organic food is NATURAL food! So in my opinion everything else should be labelled as contaminated. I would love you all to eat natural food as much as possible but if you are focusing on healthier eating it's not necessary to triple your food bill.

The greatest gift: Farm fresh eggs from the farm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the great debate over the healthfulness of organic vs non-organic proving both that organic is the way to go and that organic is a scam my opinion is to focus on what foods are going to provide the most nutrition - especially if you are just beginning to move towards a healthy lifestyle. Here is what I do: CHOOSE LOCAL as much as possible. The fresher the food the more nutritious it is - and you will get more nutrition in your food when you buy local.

Think about how much time has passed since that apple from California has been picked to sitting in the grocery store until you purchase it? Local foods are picked and brought to the grocery stores or farmers markets in less than half the time foods from other countries are.

Take these farm fresh eggs that were given to me a day ago. They came from the chickens that same day! The eggs have the most perfect hard outer shell and gorgeous deep yellow yolks with the more beautiful flavours when cooked sunny side up.

This coming year is there a place where you can source your food more locally?



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