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Healthy Holiday Baking Tips

Holiday baking season has officially begun! While there will always be those classic recipes that no one should mess with, I want to give you a few tips on how to increase the nutrition in your baking this year and some baking hacks to help prevent you from over indulging.

  1. Make minis! Investing in mini muffin tins and making bite sized cookies will help with portion control and may prevent the over consumption of sweets. Studies have shown that people will consume 1/3 less dessert when portion sizes are smaller!

  2. Add beans and chickpeas: By now you probably have heard or are aware of black bean brownies or chickpea blondies! Adding these beans will increase the amount of protein and fibre in the baked goods, as well take the place of some of the flours traditionally used!

  3. Go grain free: baked goods are usually very high in carbohydrate grains due to the flour content. Switching over to a bean or nut “flour” such as coconut or almond or chickpea will lower the carbohydrate count and increase fibre and protein content!

  4. Add chia or flaxseeds for a binder: instead of using eggs to bind your dough’s together try mixing 1 tablespoon of ground chia/flaxseed with 3 tablespoons water. Letting this mixture sit for 5-10 minute will allow the chia and flax to gelatinize mimicking an egg. Switching for a “seed egg” can change the recipe to plant based – increasing the omega 3 healthy fats and making them cholesterol free!

  5. Eliminate artificial ingredient: Steer clear of ingredients that contain partially hydrogenated oil (or trans fats), like margarine and most vegetable shortenings. Consider limiting other artificial ingredients, such as artificial food dyes. One of the benefits of homemade baked goods is their simple list of ingredients. By making your own cookies, you can use whole ingredients and avoid most or all processed ingredients that are found in many packaged cookies.



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