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Healthy Starbucks Hack!

Did you know - the average person will gain 70% of the weight they gain all year in the next few months ??

This is most likely due to all the sugars fats and salty foods that come with the holidays Starbucks was one of my vices during this time of year - trying all their festive holiday drink while shopping, Christmas tree chopping, walks in the snow 鉂勶笍 However so so so much sugar and fat from the sweeteners and milk is what is attributing to the weight gain

So how do you still enjoy a drink without all of the guilt ? Here's what I do: - Half sweet this makes a huge difference in the sugar grams and calories! And there really is not a difference in the taste馃徏 - No whip 鉂勶笍 and unnecessary amount of calorie dense cream that ends up just melting into the drink adding to the caloric intake - Almond milk everything! This may be something to get use to but you are switching for healthy fat intake Try it next time - it's the little changes that will make the biggest difference 鉂勶笍



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