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What to Avoid when Pregnant for a Healthy Baby - Sprout Right

There are not too many things that you can control in the world, but for women the general health of your baby is one of them. What you consume on a daily basis while pregnant will determine the development and health of your baby for years to come.

Common sense would show that a diet full of nutrients and lack of chemicals/processed foods would support a healthy pregnancy. And this could not be more right. The following foods to avoid are those that are more susceptible to toxins and chemicals that can pass through to the baby in the uterus.

Raw eggs and poultry: no more runny eggs (must be cooked all the way through) and internal temperature of chicken should be 180F and reheated to 172F

Pate, soft and blue cheeses: commonly unpasteurized. Avoid blue, brie, camembert, stilton, Roquefort, soft goat/sheep cheese and feta

Raw shellfish ash sushi: may contain parasites. Can always opt for vegetarian sushi Deli meats: contain nitrates and possibly Listeria as well. This includes hotdogs, bacon and lunch meat

Fish high in Mercury: Tuna, shark, swordfish, king maceral, orange roughy, tilefish, marlin, and all farmed fish including salmon are all to be avoided. Wild varieties suggested by a local fishmonger is suggested

Green or sprouted potatoes: solanine may be present and can affect the baby Liver: due to high concentration of Vitamin A which may be harmful to the baby

ALL sources of caffeine: coffee, soft drinks, black and green tea, yerba mate, guarana, chocolate should be avoided because the baby cannot breakdown and utilize caffeine like the liver can and can be detrimental for the babies health

Alcohol: obviously

Smoking and Drugs: obviously and make sure that you talk to your doctor before using any over the counter drugs

Wash ALL fruits and vegetables: may be contaminated with toxoplasmosis which is available in the soil that the produce is grown. Also cats are a carrier of this toxin and changing the litter box and being scratch should be avoided

GMOs: too recent for any studies to show any negative effects GMOs are remodeling the DNA of foods and for the sake of the baby, try to avoid. Especially the corn, soy, canola and cotton crops. To stay away from taking part in the human experience try going organic as much as possible



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