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Natural Habits to Health Vibrant Skin

Do not workout or sleep in your makeup! An hour at the gym will more than likely cause perspiration and if you workout with a make-up face the combination will cause a bad bacterial environment. Even if you only wear “natural” organic products it does not belong on the pores for more than a couple hours. ALWAYS wash off all product and chemicals off the face before heading to bed or the make-up will seep through the pours, damaging skin cells and causing acne.

Be aware of what touches your face on a daily basis and keep it clean! You will be amazed at how many objects (including hands) will touch your face on a daily basis. This concept is easy enough to grasp, however it is just as easy to forget. The most common objects are makeup utensils, cell phones, glasses and pillowcases. If these things are kept clean your face will experience less blockage or trapping of oils (leading to acne).

Eat more vegetables! The cleaner you eat the clearer your skin. A well balanced diet consists of a plant-based lifestyle, focusing on vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. Any plant-based food is centered on micronutrients, AKA vitamins and minerals, which are important for healthy skin to thrive. Stay away from sugar, dairy and processed foods that ultimately are ‘dead foods’ containing no nutrients for the body.

Add a probiotic! Your skin is only as healthy as your gut. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help keep the latter part of digestion running smooth. Adding a probiotic of 10 billion or more per day will help to keep the gut happy and healthy, promoting optimal digestion and nourishing skin.

Balance your Hormones! Fluctuating hormones are directly related to outbreaks and blemishes, especially around the jawline. For women it can be triggered by PMS, but also various other system problems such as issues with the thyroid or testosterone levels. It is imperative that you find a practitioner who will create a lifestyle plan to balance the hormones and create equilibrium in the body.

Love yourself! Health is all about what you eat and what you drink, but remember it’s also what you think! Being in a positive frame of mind, knowing your affirmations and acting in a joyous manner will shine through the skin.



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