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Get Serious This New Year!

How To Begin A Successful Healthy New Year

  1. Firstly, write down specific, REALISTIC goals for the coming year. Its not enough to say eat healthy and exercise every day. Think of goals that are slightly challenging and a step in the right direction. For example: Wake up and eat a nutritious breakfast every morning or cut out all drinks except for water every other day. The people who write down goals on paper accomplish them significantly more often than those who do not!

  2. Clear the holidays out! When cleaning up after the holidays don’t stop at the décor. Get rid of all unhealthy, fatty, sugary, processed food/drink from the fridge, freezer and pantry. Accept that the time to indulge and overeat has past and create a temptation free home!

  3. Increase water intake, at least 2 liters a day. Water is a clean way to moderately detox the body. Optimal hydration is associated with higher energy levels, clearer mind and weight loss.

  4. Add vegetables to the diet, then add some more! Vegetables are some of the healthiest food we can consume. Adding as many servings as possible to the diet will provide more fibre, essential vitamin and minerals, as well as clean usable energy. Stick mainly to the leafy greens, orange and non-starchy vegetables.

  5. Have a support system! Whether it is someone close to you or an online group, having support when making a lifestyle change makes the transition all that much easier. Always keep in mind that the changes are good for YOU and choose people that are going to provide positive feedback and supportive tendencies.



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